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The Latest Enhancement to INTELLITURN:

The Turn Signal Reminder. . . .This is a patent pending system that reminds the driver to use turn signals by monitoring the vehicle dynamics, detecting specific turns and comparing if the turn signal was properly utilized in the turn.  This is not to be confused with turn signal reminders that are currently on vehicles to remind drivers to shut off a "stuck on" turn signal (remember INTELLITURN takes care of that).  This is a system that makes the driver a better driver by encouraging the appropriate use of turn signals.

When a driver repeatedly neglects to use the turn signal, then that driver will eventually receive a short duration display suggesting: "USE SIGNAL NEXT TURN".  Subsequent improvement of turn signal usage habits will eliminate the driver's display messages and thus the driver's turn signal habits are improved.

Drivers who consistently use turn signals will never receive a drivers display message and this is an extremely important aspect of the feature.  This means that most all drivers will not consider this vehicle feature a nuisance.  Occasionally, even good drivers may become distracted while driving and therefore may occasionally neglect the proper use of the turn signal.  In this case, the driver's display message will serve to notify the driver to maybe pay more attention to the task of driving. 

Driving remains a privilege, not a right and with that privilege comes the duty to use the vehicle's turn signal as required by law. Each driver owes it to all surrounding drivers to inform of an intent to turn.  Negligent non-use of the turn signal is not only a violation of the law, but it is the cause of countless accidents. So INTELLITURN now actually ensures proper usage of the turn signal by all drivers, thus preventing collisions. 

Only neglectful and chronic non-users of turn signals will be reminded with a short duration driver's display.  Regular users of turn signals will not receive a display.  In fact, it is likely that most drivers, that is those who are mostly prudent turn signal users, may not even know or may forget that the turn signal reminder feature is on the vehicle. 

See Press Release for Turn Signal Reminder

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A Turn Signal Reminder For Lane Departure Warning:

As you may know, present Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDW) have the positive side effect of causing the driver to use the turn signal for lane changes.  However, LDW systems are engaged at a threshold speed over 45 mph or so, depending on the manufacturer's design.  The warnings for lane shift without the use of a turn signal are instant, abrupt and grab the driver's attention in order that the driver may bring the vehicle back into its proper lane.  If intentional lane shifts are accompanied by the turn signal, then no warning is given. 

This system indeed causes the turn signal usage to be improved.  But what about when the vehicle is travelling less than 45 mph?  It would not be appropriate for an abrupt warning, but RLP Engineering has a patent pending that would monitor lane change performance at the speeds below the threshold.  If the driver repeatedly neglects to use the turn signal at these lower speeds, then the driver will eventually receive a display message such as "SIGNAL LANE CHANGES".  This is not an abrupt warning, but a user friendly suggestion to the driver to use turn signals for all lane changes, not just a higher speeds.


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