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INTELLITURN was voted by the readers of Design News Magazine as "Best Product of 2004" in the Digital Control category.  Our thanks to the readers of Design News and we are pleased that they recognize how an intelligent turn signal system can improve the driving experience.   The complete results are in the March 7, 2005 issue or visit Design News website.


INTELLITURN IS NOW NHTSA APPROVED:  The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has ruled and published documentation that the Intelliturn method meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for vehicles for sale in the United States of America.  This ruling opens the door for manufacturers to begin selling vehicles with smart turn signals for the first time in 70 years..

Click here to see how INTELLITURN can prevent up to 2 million collisions in the U.S. each year

Combating Distracted Driving:  INTELLITURN is the highly effective manufacturer's solution:  The most prevalent public safety concern today is Distracted and Drowsy Driving and INTELLITURN is the most cost effective on-board technology-driven approach to resolving it  CLICK HERE

ROAD RAGE can be reduced with INTELLITURN.  It's just common sense that if we would all use turn signals appropriately and turn signals worked in our vehicles appropriately, then overall, the incidents of drivers being triggered to engage in road rage behavior will be reduced.

INTELLITURN is the first and only smart turn signal designed for all motor vehicles.  INTELLITURN is a system with no moving parts that precisely and intelligently controls right and left turn signals. 

By eliminating the steering column mechanism and using computer control to shut off the turn signal at a situation-appropriate point through the turn, a vast improvement in an old technology is born. The result is that the overall driving experience is enhanced and vehicle safety is improved.  The common shortcomings of today's mechanical turn signal control become a thing of the past.

The driver quickly adapts to the many benefits of a turn signal system that takes care of itself.  Also, the manufacturer benefits from a system that can potentially reduce the cost of the vehicle.

You are invited to explore the world of INTELLITURN and discover "the nearly perfect turn signal system". This simple, straightforward but effective technology is covered by three issued U.S. patents and at least two more are pending.  It is available now to be licensed in all vehicle designs.  Contact RLP Engineering for further discussion relating to the application and implementation of INTELLITURN. 



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